Stainless Steel Products
 Metal Fabrik India have introduced classic breathtaking Railings in S.S. 304/316 with architectural  fittings.

 Our entire range of components and tubes are made of passivated Stainless Steel AISI 304/316
 to ensure that  natural oxide surface film is formed for corrosion resistance.
 All our Railings are in modular form without welding. Our systems incorporate purpose,
 aesthetic  appeal, and  sophistication.

 We have an extremely strong relationship with our clients because of the premium quality of our
 products.  Every production area from raw material, manufacturing, packaging, installation etc. are
 carefully monitored to meet our quality control standards.
We have our own VMC, CNC and specialised polishing machines for large scale quality production in our manufacturing facility where most of the products are manufactured.
Timeless design displays striking features while offering choice and versatility. We provide non-welded assemblies using machined
parts and other collateral materials that are interchangeable within the systems.

We have ventured into the international arena as well. A range of our products are exported to many overseas regions like Dubai
and  European countries.